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Adventure Travel Malaysia

By Bethany Lamb

Malaysia is a country of natural fusion, located on two separate landmasses on the east, between Brunei and Indonesia and to the west, on the South East Asia mainland which if anything facilitates this fusion for what it is known for. This makes it quite the adventure vacation for travellers. It has a very diverse cultural background and while it is rich in historical value, it has also followed current trends of modernisation. The official language is Malay, English and Chinese dialects are also major languages used.

The climate is equatorial or tropical. The weather patterns are: southwest monsoon from April to October, and northeast monsoon from November to February. The best time to head there for trekking, diving or swimming would be during the cool and dry northeast monsoon months, the peak season, anytime from November through February, with emphasis on trekking and hiking. This is because highlands are vulnerable to landslides during the southwest monsoons due to some deforested parts. Typhoons are harsher and more common and accidents have happened in relation to this. During the hot season, forests on the other hand are more in danger for forest fires.

One of the best ways to experience Malaysia is to drive it. This is sure to be an adventure; there is a ton to discover in this beautiful country.

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Kuala Lumpur skyline, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur skyline

A popular starting point is the capital, Kuala Lumpur. This is a fairly new city so there aren't many historic buildings; however its modernism definitely makes up for it. One of those being the Petronas Twin Towers, which are the tallest twin towers in the world.

From Kuala Lumpur, you will want to head to the west coast. This is the most popular way to take your driving adventure. The first city you will come to is Shah Alam. Here you will find the biggest, most beautiful Mosque in Malaysia. It is also one of the largest Mosques in South East Asia.

Traveling a couple hours north you will come across the city if Ipoh. Make sure you get a city map! There are tons of one way streets and unfortunately not so many road signs. All the confusion is worth it though. This city has so much to offer. One of the main attractions is the contrast in architecture, between "Old Town" and "New Town". Adventuring outside of city limits you will find Kellie's castle and some famous temples.

Further up the West Coast you will come to the gate way of Penang Island. This is a beautiful and exotic island and if you want to experience some culture and history, Georgetown is the place to go. The culture comes from a mixture of Chinese and Muslim Malays, and the history is mostly colonial and architectural. That being said, there is lots to keep you busy here such as historical and religious sites, museums and markets, and even shopping malls and restaurants. The rest of the island has nice white sandy beaches to relax under palm trees.

The Esplanade in Penang, Malaysia

Esplanade in Penang 

Off the North West coast are the islands of Langkawi. The most popular island is Pulau Langkawi because it is duty free and has stunning beaches and resorts. It is a very popular tourist destination and there is lots to do. Asides from shopping you can enjoy a day cruise on a yacht, go snorkelling, bird watching, take a trek through the jungle or even just drive around the island.

The East Coast of Malaysia is not as touristy. Backpacking is the most popular way to travel here. It is a bit more adventurous than the West Coast. It is largely covered with thick jungle and has very few roads.

The good thing about this is that there are no crowds so you get the beach all to yourself. And you can visit the most unique little villages that are tucked away in the jungle. There is one dependable road that goes from Singapore up the East Coast to Kota Bharu. This is an amazing adventure!

Malaysia is an amazing country that has so much to offer. It is a very popular destination for travelers. The West Coast is full of culture, history and architecture, perfect for an exciting but not too audacious. The East Coast is more adventurous, with thick jungles and secluded villages. Back packing is the way to go for an incredible adventure vacation.

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Author: Bethany Lamb

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