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Ho Chi Minh City Vacation - Travel Guide

By Ramon Van Meer

Historically Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. And, from its earliest state, it has turned out to be one of the most glorious cities in Vietnam today. With a population of 9 million, it is just about the most crowded metro areas in the country. The city remains well known as Saigon, and was the capital of Cochinchina, a French colony during its early days.

Ho Chi Minh City is situated on the banks of the Saigon River and stretches 1.094 miles south of Vietnam's capital city, Hanoi. With foreign investments rapidly coming in to Ho Chi Minh City, it's vast becoming one of the most modern cities in Vietnam. With its legal infrastructure, banking and socio-economic environment has improved vastly over the years and is becoming the 150th member around the globe Trade Organization in 2007. The city is becoming the financial center of the country with industries reaching over 300,000 including electronics and technology. It is now named one of the fastest developing economies in the entire Asian continent. As well as, it is a wonderful place to visit.
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Street in Ho Chi Minh City by Mike

Ho Chi Minh City is draped with beautiful architectural masterpieces such as the beautiful church, Notre Dame de Saigon. The church looks like a floating structure through the night with its magnificent lighting. Other tourist destinations are the Municipal Theater, The Ben Duoc Relic Underground Tunnels, the War Remnants Gallery, Dam Sen Trouist and Cultural Park and also the Can Gio Eco Beach Resort. Ho Chi Minh City has become satisfied with its modern theatres and cinemas that count through the hundreds. 

The people of Vietnam simply love to watch movies, international and local alike. In fact, 70% of Vietnam's income comes from the movie and entertainment industry rendering it the center of its active film industry where private film outfits and companies are also based. Ho Chi Minh City also features plazas that are very modern and breath taking at night like the Diamond Plaza and the Kumho Asiana Plaza just situated in front of the French and US embassies. However, do not forget to indulge yourself with Vietnam's cuisines within the many restaurants in and around Ho Chi Minh.

People's Committee Building by Brian Snelson

Climate: Ho Chi Minh City has a tropical wet and dry climate that is generally very humid throughout the year. The rainy season packs a great deal of rain that happens from the months of May through November which is followed by its dry season that happens from the months of December through April. Its average temperate reaches 28C but sometimes extends up to 39C. The weather becomes cooler on December especially in the mornings.

Transportation: Getting around Ho Chi Minh City is easy for the Ho Chi Minh City locals and visitors. Metered taxi cabs are accessible 24 hours a day. Other forms of public transport are buses, motorbike taxis, ships, boats across the Saigon River and rented cars and drivers. One of the public transports that add beauty towards the city is the Xichlos or Cyclos, a one-seater two-wheeled carriage being pulled by a person.

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Author: Ramon Van Meer

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