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ATMs are spreading far beyond the main cities and into the smaller towns. The ATMs in Cambodia are generally compatible with Maestro, Cirrus, Plus and Visa cards. Cash advances on credit cards may also be possible. Visa and JCB are the most widely accepted credit cards but MasterCard and American Express cards are gradually becoming more widely accepted.
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ATMs dispense US dollars in varying denominations from 10 to 100. If you receive bills in poor condition (especially USD50 or USD100) from an ATM attached directly to a bank, try to change the bills with the bank immediately as they may be difficult to change later. 50 and 100 dollar bills may be difficult to use in the smaller shop, since they may not have change. If using them, expect the dollar bills to be inspected with great scrutiny for forgeries. If removed from your sight, verify the serial number to avoid them being swapped for counterfeit bills and returned to you because they "can't make change".

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ATMs are common throughout the country with a surprising penetration even in the backwater towns. If in doubt, stock up your wallet with sufficient cash before taking a trip into the remote areas. ATMs in Cambodia will generally only dispense US dollars though some are loaded with both currencies. They generally charge USD3-5 per withdrawal but Canadia Bank and Mekong Bank are fee free.

Traveller's Cheques
Traveller's cheques, like credit cards, are accepted by the major business establishments such as large hotels, some restaurants, travel agencies and some souvenir shops. American Express traveller's cheques (in US dollars) are the most widely accepted. Competitive rates are usually found from the banks in Cambodia's larger cities. Guesthouses in heavily touristed areas may offer similar services but at horrendous rates. The usual fee for cashing traveller's cheques is 2% with USD2 being the minimum charge.

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