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You can get away with pretty much by haggling for anything in Cambodia. Siem Reap is the easiest place to bargain but Phnom Penh may be a little harder but still worth trying - just be polite and persistent. However, many products not aimed at tourists are fixed price and while it is possible to get a minor discount if you ask, you cannot get things significantly cheaper than this. Many markets have the prices of goods painted on the walls in Cambodian.
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If haggling isn't your strong point, the easiest way to get a good price is to pick up an item, ask how much, look disappointed and start to walk away. The price will usually drop twice as you walk away. Haggle in groups and having two other friends will make it much easier to convince Cambodians to give a discount, with one person playing bad cop and the other playing good cop.

Puok Market by FRED

Remaining silent is a good haggling strategy. The more you remain silent about your desired price for the product, the vendor will try to gradually talk the price downward. So just listen and remain slent until the vendor can no longer talk downwards further and eventually for a final reply from you.

Try not to haggle too harshly with the motorbike drivers and tuk tuks that work near where you stay. Most are honest and will look after your safety more if you are seen as a good customer. However, agree upon the fare before your ride or you may get into a very uncomfortable situation.

Ask to speak with the manager or owner of the guesthouse for a discount on the listed rate. Usually if you try to haggle, the employee will say that the boss needs to be around. If so, then just ask to speak with him or ask the employee to speak with him. The boss may agree to give a discount since if he is too busy to further bothered with you.

Night market in Siem Reap by krismartis

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