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Cambodia uses the GSM mobile system and Mobitel is the largest operator, though competition is stiff. Mobitel acquired one of their largest competitors, M-Phone, after M-Phone declared bankruptcy. This has expanded their coverage and service availability significantly. Pre-paid SIM cards are widely available in Cambodia from USD1, but foreign visitors require a passport to purchase. A guest house or tuk-tuk driver may just buy one for you but will charge you extra. 
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Internet cafes are cheap charging USD0.50-1.00 per hour and common - even many small towns will have at least one offering broadband. In Kampot, Kratie and Sihanoukville rates are around USD1 per hour. WiFi is increasingly popular, with signals available in some unlikely places - not just in the coffee shops and hotels but also fast food restaurants, bars and even petrol (gas) stations.

Domestic broadband prices range from USD30 to USD89 per month. Always remember Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to all prices and even the locals pay VAT. Fast wireless 3G/4G internet is now available in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kep. Slower Edge coverage is available in almost all other areas of the cuntry. Tourists can add 3G/4G mobile internet to their SIM for as little as USD3 per month.

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Once a disaster, a trip to the post office in Cambodia no longer means a final good bye to your consignment. However, foreign customers have experienced varied results on occasion i.e. packages that disappear or have been gone through with some items missing. Intercontinental postcards should arrive with 1 week if posted within Asia and other destinations expect 2 weeks. Domestic rates are cheap but international customs fees and rates can be high, though still less than private carriers.

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