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Cambodian food is tasty, cheap and better than Burmese. Rice and occasionally noodles are the staples. Unlike in Thailand or Laos, spicy hot food is not the mainstay but black pepper is preferred over chilli peppers, though chillis are usually served on the side. Thai and Vietnamese influences can be noted in Cambodian dishes, although locals prefer strong sour tastes in their dishes. Prahok, a local fish paste and common in Cambodian cooking, may not please Western palates.
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Typical Cambodian dishes that you should try include:
  • Amok - Arguably the most well known Cambodian dish. A coconut milk curried dish but less spicy than in Thailand. Amok is usually made with chicken, fish or shrimp, plus some vegetables.
  • K'tieu (Kuytheav) - A noodle soup generally served for breakfast. Flavourings are added to the customers taste in the form of lime juice, chili powder, sugar and fish sauce.
  • Lok lak - Chopped up beef cooked quickly. Served with a simple dipping sauce made from lime juice and black pepper, lettuce, onion and often with chips (fries).
  • Trey Ch'ien Chou 'Ayme - Trey (fish) fried with a sweet chili sauce and vegetables. Very tasty. Chou 'Ayme is the phrase for "sweet and sour".
  • K'dam - Kampot in Cambodia's south is famous for its crab cooked in locally sourced spicy black pepper. A very tasty dish.
Other popular Cambodian foods which may be less palatable to foreigners include pregnant eggs (duck eggs with the embryo still inside), and almost every variety of creepy-crawly insects including spiders, crickets, water beetles. Also, barbecued rats, frogs, snakes, bats and small birds can be found. 

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Don't forget Cambodian desserts. These are available from stalls in most Cambodian towns and can be excellent. Choose from a variety of sweetmeats and have them served with ice, condensed milk and sugar water. A must try is the "Tuk-a-loc", a blended drink of fruits, raw egg, sweetened condensed milk and ice.

Fresh Fruits
There is also a wide variety of fresh fruit available from markets. The prices vary according to which fruit is in season but mangoes and mangosteen are superb. Other popular fruits in Cambodia include pineapples, lychee, jackfruit, watermelon, longan, rambutan, papaya, bananas and durian.
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