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Longer journeys in Cambodia can be taken by bus, pickup truck or shared taxi. In many towns, whichever of these are available will be found at the local market square. Larger towns and cities will have bus stations. Buses may also serve their companies' offices, which may be more convenient than the bus station and particularly true in Siem Reap. Generally bus travel is cheap, with journeys between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap or Sihanoukville costing around USD5.
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Bring along something warm if you don't like freezing in the air-conditioning and earplugs if you don't like Khmer karaoke. There are a few night-time services but most buses leave in the morning and the last ones leave in the afternoon. Bus safety is a big problem in Cambodia. On Highway 5, (between Phnom Penh and Battambang) there are several bus crashes annually, many of them horrendous with multiple fatalities.

Mekong Express has the best reputation for comfort and speed and consequently charges a premium. Sorya (formerly Ho Wah Genting) and GST offer a slightly cheaper no-frills service. Capitol runs between its offices strategically located i the city centres. Ramshackled peasant mover Paramount Angkor Transport is great for accessing more remote places but low on comfort and safety.

Bus breakdown near Banlung by Darren on the Road

Some believe taxis are safer for inter-city travel, but taxis often go way too fast and involved in numerous fatal accidents. The front seat in a taxi from Phnom Penh to Battambang should cost you about USD20. In the cities, motorcycle taxis are ubiquitous. For quick trips across town, just stand at a corner for a moment and someone will offer you a lift for a small standard fee of around USD1 or even less.

Motorcycle rentals are available in many cities and towns often frequented by tourists, with the notable exception of Siem Reap. Be careful if driving or riding yourself, since driving practices and habits in Cambodia are vastly different than in the Western countries and even more developed Asian countries. Furthermore, local road "rules" may differ from city to city.

Motorcycles in Banlung by Albeiro Rodas

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