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Cambodia is a country at a crossroads. While the more heavily touristed places like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are well adjusted to tourist behaviour, people in the remoter places such as Stung Treng or Banlung are less so. Always ask permission before you take somebody's picture, as many in the more remote areas do not like to be photographed and some in the urban areas will ask for payment.
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Dress for women is more conservative in Cambodia. While shorts are now acceptable in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, it is more respectful to wear knee length shorts or trousers when outside of these areas. For men it is still advisable to wear knee length shorts or trousers. Even in the hot and humid climate, men should not go around bare chested and at least have a t-shirt on unless you are at the beach, though women should always remember to have their tops on.

Buddhist monks by Dickelbers

Groups of young children can be found everywhere in Cambodia and many travellers feel "pestered" by them to purchase their friendship bracelets and other wares. However, it's often the case that children enjoy the chance to practice their English on you - and by asking them their names and ages, a conversation is likely to develop where the "hard sell' is forgotten. Children and adults alike enjoy looking at photographs of your family and home country.

Cambodian youths in Poipet by DieBuche

The Khmer Rouge issue is a very delicate one in Cambodia, and one which Cambodians generally prefer not to talk about. However, if you approach it with politeness, they'll gladly respond. Cambodians, in general, hold no qualms when talking about the Vietnamese. In fact, they have been widely perceived as liberators when they invaded Cambodia in November 1978 to overthrow the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. The Vietnamese installed a pro-Vietnamese regime and stayed until 1989. During the period, the Vietnamese gradually rebuilt Cambodia's infrastructure and economy that was severely ruined by the Khmer Rouge.

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