Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Phnom Penh offers some interesting culinary treats not found elsewhere in the country. These include French-influenced dining and Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian dishes. Pizzas, banana pancakes and fried rice are always easy to find. Eating out along the Riverfront (Sisowath Quat) is a popular with both locals and foreign tourists. The area hosts everything from stand-up stalls to fine French bistros.
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With an increasing number of middle-class Cambodians, foreign tourists and expats, the number of decent cafes and restaurants (ranging from local, Western-style fast outlets to upscale restaurants) are increasing in the city. While 
McDonald's has not yet entered Cambodia, Kentucky Fried Chicken has already established 10 KFC outlets (as of May 2013) in Phnom Penh. More are expected to be established in the city and other locations in Cambodia. Mid to upscale restaurants include Cambodian, American, Japanese, French and Middle Eastern.

Local restaurant in Sisowath Quay by Dtfman

Street Food
Street stalls likely lack hygienic practices, therefore eating peeled fruit and vegetables and anything uncooked may have unintended consequences. If you want to try local Cambodian street food in Phnom Penh, stick to the cooked food but always use your common sense before deciding. The 
Central Market is a hawker food centre, food is cheap here and the street eateries add to the area's bustling atmosphere. However, beggars can make eating at the Central Market an uncomfortable experience. 

Exotic Treats
Duck embryo eggs are sold at the southwest corner of Sokun Mean Bun Street (Street 178) and Norodum Monivong Boulevard, in front of the green SSN building inside a large, high school compound. Also sold are days-old hatched chicks and frogs, all of which are eaten rather than just the legs. Grilled small crabs, lobsters, prawns are also sold in the market. Chicken feet are also sold in the open air restaurants along Street 154. Grasshoppers, crabs, snails, worm-type animals and pupae are sold along Sothearos Boulevard from 184 Street to 178 Street.

Cooked snails by Albeiror24

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