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Royal Palace

Called "Preah Barum Reachea Veang Nei Preah Reacheanachak Kampuchea" in Khmer, the Royal Palace is a complex of buildings and the residence of the King of Cambodia. The Royal Palace has been the royal residence of Cambodia's kings since it was constructed by King Norodom in the mid-19th century. However, the original buildings have been demolished and many of the buildings seen today are latter constructions.
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The Royal Palace opens to visitors daily from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The palace ground is only open to the public when the king is not in residence. Entrance fee is USD3 per person but will cost you an extra USD2 for a camera and USD5 for a video camera. You're expected to dress decently (no bare legs or shoulders) but you can rent sarongs and an over-sized T-shirts for 1,000 riel (plus USD1 deposit) at the entrance.

Royal Palace in Phnom Penn by Hanay

The Royal Palace is a fine example of Khmer architecture. The complex is divided into four main areas i.e. the Silver Pagoda in the south, Khemarin Palace in the north, Throne Hall in the central compound contains and the Inner Court in the west. In general, the palace complex has a more structured, formal, organized and harmonious layout with a clear and specific architectural style compared to that in Bangkok, which has a hodge podge of styles.

Garden in the Royal Palace by Hanay

Including the two magnificent pagodas in the Palace Grounds, the Silver Pagoda and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha are among the few public buildings in Phnom Penh really worth seeing. They were built in the 19th century with French technology and Cambodian designs, and have survived the traumas of the 20th century surprisingly well intact. See them early in the day before it gets too hot. No photography is allowed inside the Silver Pagoda and some of the palace buildings.
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