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The numerous internet cafes in Siem Reap charge anywhere between USD0.50 and USD1.50 per hour. However, speed of connection very much depends from place to place. A free public WiFi network in Siem Reap covers the Pub Street and Alley areas but it can sometimes be spotty and always terribly slow. Internet access is available in many of the major hotels and guesthouses for free or a charge.
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Hello Internet Cafe at Sivatha Road (in front of Acleda Bank)) offers high speed internet access for USD0.50 per hour. It also offers overseas calls for rates as low as USD0.10 per minute. Head to E-Cafe located on Sivatha Road and north of Phsar Chas (Old Market). The internet connection here is a cut above the rest in terms of speed and service quality, as well as price.

Siem Reap's Pub Street by Jensre

Most hotels in Siem Reap will have cable TV offering many international channels including news channels such as BBC and CNN as well as those from the surrounding countries. You can also get several FM radio stations from around the world in town including the BBC World Service on 99.25 MHz and Radio France International on 92.0 MHz

Laundry Service
Full service laundries can be found throughout Siem Reap and most hotels and guesthouses will also take care of your laundry. The going rate is around USD1 per kg of clothes. You may occasionally be able to get it cheaper if you are willing to wait longer, in which case the laundries won't have to use the dryer. Three-hour services are frequently advertised but rarely realistic.

Grand Hotel D'Angkor by Kounosu

All of Phnom Penh's streets are numbered, some major thoroughfares also have names. The scheme is simple - odd-numbered streets run north-south (the numbers increase as you head west from the river) and even numbers run west-east (increasing as you head south with some exceptions such as the west side of what was Boeung Kak Lake). House numbers are quite haphazard and don't expect houses to be numbered sequentially along a street - you might even find two completely unrelated houses with the same number.
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