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For a town of its size, Siem Reap offers a generous range of eating options, due to the high traffic of tourists it receives from around the world. Thus, the eating scene in Siem Reap spans the full spectrum of tastes and budgets from the rudimentary Asian staples and pizza to authentic Khmer and sophisticated fine-dining restaurants. For Muslim travellers searching for halal food, there are several Muslim restaurants in town specialising mainly Indian or Khmer dishes.
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The largest assortment of restaurants in Siem Reap are located a few blocks north of the Old Market. However, there are numerous appetising alternatives outside of the town centre along Wat Bo Road and hidden within the surrounding neighbourhoods. Though local eateries and restaurants can be found across Siem Riep, those specialising in Khmer dishes are mainly found in the Old Market area including along Pub Street.

Old Market Area
Though Pub Street is better known for its bars, a handful of places are known for great food and many offer upstairs seating so you can escape above the partying milieu on the street below. Crammed along The Alley is a wider selection of restaurants that offer a generally quieter and more intimate experience. The local restaurants lining Phsar Chas have extensive yet near identical menus of cheap fried rice and westernised approximations of Khmer dishes. At dusk the Kindergarten on the corner of Street 8 and 11 erupts into a a rabble of small BBQ stalls, billowing smoke, noise and the persistently entreating peddlers. The phnom pleurng here is the cheapest you will find.

Pub Street by Stefan Fussan

Wat Bo Road and Surrounding Areas
Outside of the main part of town in the sometimes dusty neighbourhood streets and area along Wat Bo Road are some trendy restaurants and small local places serving the most authentic Khmer food. Green Star (at the southern end of Wat Bo Road) is a budget eatery and though may not offer the most authentic Khmer or Asian food, it is still tasty and well prepared. Viroth's is a stylish (mid-priced) Khmer restaurant that is often so full you will have to wait for a table. The extensive menu is a mix of Khmer and Asian dishes, with some vegetarian options. Some say the food is not spicy enough but the outdoor setting is nice if it is not raining. 

Restaurant in Siem Reap by antwerpenR

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