Siem Reap, Cambodia

Getting Around


By Foot
Siem Reap is not a big town with the centre being fairly compact and flat. Depending on the location of your hotel or guesthouse, you can get around Siem Reap's major attractions (concentrated in the town centre) entirely on foot. Though you need transport to get to the ancient ruins and temples of Angkor (about 8 km away), once there you can get around on foot.

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By Bicycle
Besides getting around Siem Reap on a bicycle, you can also use a bike to get to Angkor and travel around the area. Well maintained bicycles can be hired through participating hotels and guesthouses affiliated with The White Bicycles (, a local charity that uses hire proceeds to fund youth education and clean drinking water projects in the villages around Siem Reap. The website has a list of participating hotels and guesthouses and rentals are available for USD2 a day. Other hotels and guesthouses will lend you bicycles for free or cheaply for USD1-3.

Angkor Wat by Gunawan Kartapranata

By Motorbike
Renting a motorbike is prohibited for foreign visitors to Siem Reap, though motorbikes rented elsewhere are permitted. Petrol stations vary from first world forecourts to roadside stalls selling fuel of dubious quality in old drinking bottles.

Motodops (motorbike taxi) abound and rides within town should cost around US1 or less. However, prices can double at night or during bad weather. Agree on a price first and a full day can be arranged for around USD10. Helmets for passengers are rare though may materialise if requested in advance.

By Tuk-Tuk
Tuk-tuks (like motodops) will call to tourists from nearly any street corner. A trip on a tuk-tuk within Siem Reap should cost around USD1, regardless of how many people are on-board. A trip to Angkor cost USD12-15 and more if travelling to more distant temples. 
Payment is made on arrival.

Most tuk-tuks can convey four people comfortably, though the extra weight can make the low-powered bikes labouriously slow. Prices can double at night or during bad weather. Ensure both you and the driver are in crystal clear agreement on the destination and total fare before departure. 

Pub Street in Siem Reap by Jensre

By Car
Cars with drivers can be hired for single or multiple days. While all drivers are familiar with the area and happy to suggest good routes, most speak little English and are not actual tour guides. Licensed tour guides charge USD45-50 per day for a driver and English speaking guide. Drivers will likely ask for USD5-10 extra for trips to further temples such as the those of the Big Circuit, Banteay Srey and more for remote sites like Beng Mealea. Taxis from the airport to Siem Reap, may provide a full day of touring for USD25-30.
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