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Most locals are decent people just trying to make an honest living but a few shady characters try every trick to take advantage of visitors. Be alert to deception, but don't let suspicion ruin your visit. Convenience stores have been known to give incorrect change and pocket the rest. Check your change before you walk out of the store and point out any short changing. Most likely they will admit to their "mistake" and give you the right change.

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Street vendors and beggars in competition for generous visitors' handouts have developed cunning, if underhanded, techniques to get your attention and money. The "beggar army" of young children will come up to you in the crowd and grab your hands, leading you to a store where they will then try and have you buy food, baby milk or water for them. It might sound like a more humanitarian way to help than simply giving them money, but once you leave the shop the goods you bought for them are sold back to the owners or to other locals. Young women with babies cradled in a krama perform a similar trick.

Donation-collectors for orphanages may approach you in the street claiming to be volunteer workers, showing you convincing photos of themselves in the orphanage and a clip board listing the generous donations made by foreign visitors. Though these young adults may be well groomed and speak excellent English, it's possible that your donation will go directly into their pockets. A donation of money or your time to a recognised charity might be a better way to help.

Some travel agencies may sell expensive bus tickets to Phnom Pehn (USD10 against USD6) offering VIP sleeper beds leaving at midnight. When your pick-up brings you to your bus, you find instead a regular bus with seats instead of beds. If you are not lucky, you get the seats at the back that do not lean back and have to sit upright all through the journey

Old Market area of Siem Reap by Henning Blatt

Naga Healthcare International Medical Center is located at 660 Hup Guan Street (behind the Central Market). Dr Joost Hoekstra is specialised in tropical and general medicine. The 
Royal Angkor International Hospital is located on National Route 6, Phum Kasekam, Khum Sra Ngea. It is owned by the Bangkok Hospital Group and caters specifically to tourists. Their care is not cheap but it is of very high standard. There is a fully stocked pharmacy, general surgeon, orthopedic surgeon and pediatrician.  

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