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Medical Attention
Vientiane has several medical clinics associated with European embassies. Otherwise, you probably have to go to Thailand for better treatment of serious injuries and illnesses. The Thai cities of Udon Thani and Chiang Mai are generally recommended while Ubon Ratchathani and Chiang Rai might have suitable clinics. Of course, there are the better medical facilities in Bangkok but that is a distance away if you are in Laos. Medical travel insurance in case of emergency is a practical option. 
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If you are on regular medication, make sure you bring extra in case of loss, theft or decide to extend your stay in Laos. Always keep your medication in their original containers. You may to consider bringing in non-prescription medication for minor ailments and injuries such as painkillers, medicine for diarrhea, antiseptic cream and adhesive bandages.

The only vaccine that is required for entering into Laos is yellow fever i.e. if you are coming from a country declared a yellow fever zone. In such case you would require proof of vaccination. Other vaccinations to consider (optional) include rabies, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis and cholera.

Food & Water
The usual precautions regarding food and water are needed. Remember not to eat food that is uncooked, improperly stored or exposed (i.e. uncovered) to the environment. Tap water is not drinkable but bottled water is widely available in Laos.

Food vendors in Laos by Alexander Steffler

Parts of Laos have a good deal of malaria, therefore anti-malarials are recommended if visiting those areas for an extended period. However, check with the health professionals since there are many high incidence of drug-resistant parasites around Laos. Other mosquito-born diseases, such as dengue, can be life-threatening, so make sure you bring at least a DEET insect repellent. Ensure that you sleep with mosquito protection like nets or at least a fan. Wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended.

Village in Laos by Ilya Plekhanov

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