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Northern Laos
This is a mountainous region of Laos, sharing borders with Myanmar, 
ThailandVietnam and China. Northern Laos features winding rivers, forests, caves, historic attractions and hill tribe villages. For the adventurous, the region offers opportunities for trekking into the off beaten track. The largest city is Luang Prabang, the former capital of Laos and a UNESCO World World Heritage Site with its treasure trove of temples.
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Luang Prabang by Bgabel

Central Laos
Central Laos is situated between the mountainous north and the varied landscape of the south. Vientiane (situated at a bend of the Mekong River, which separates the city from neighbouring Thailand) is the capital and largest city in Laos. Other major towns in Central Laos include Phonsavan, Vang Vien, Vieng Xai and Tha Khaek. Phonsavan is 
the capital of Xieng Khouang province and the gateway to the Plain of Jars, an archaeological landscape containing thousands of megalithic jars. However, 
little is known about the civilisation that created the Plain of Jars.

Phonsavan by Torbenbrinker

Southern Laos
Southern Laos is a land of diverse landscape, from the lowlands of the Mekong to the highlands of the Bolaven Plateau. Pakse is the largest city in the region and the second largest in Laos. It is the most visited destination in Southern Laos, being the gateway to the region. Savannakhet is another town situated on the bank of the Mekong River, overlooking Thailand across the river. It is the capital of Savannakhet Province and the third largest city in Laos. The Bolavean Plateau is an elevated region featuring rivers, forests, scenic waterfalls and home to several ethnic tribes.

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Huay Xai
Louang Namtha
Luang Prabang
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