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The term wilderness is much misused, but it can truly be applied to much of Laos. The mighty Mekong River and its tributaries together create perhaps the single most important geographic feature of the country. Its meandering path in the north has created some of the most stunning limestone karsts anywhere on earth. The backpacker-central town of Vang Vieng is a commonly used base for exploring the karsts.
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Further north, the terrain becomes more hilly, and the jungle less explored. Louang Namtha is the largest city (more of a small town actually) and capital of Louang Namtha Province, located on the banks of the Namtha River in the far north. It makes the best base for visitors who really want to see the remote Lao wilderness, and directly experience the lifestyles of the various hill tribes in this region.

Louang Namtha by Brian Dell

In direct contrast to Northern Laos, the Mekong delta lowlands in the south are perfectly flat. Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) is a great base for experiencing what is surely the most chilled and relaxed region anywhere in Southeast Asia. Experiencing local village life, taking it all in and doing absolutely nothing should be the aim here. There are though some wonderful river-based sights, including the largest falls anywhere in Southeast Asia. If you are lucky you might get a close-up view of the Mekong pink dolphin. 


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