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Luang Prabang has the best selection of accommodation in Laos, with something to suit every visitor, ranging from family-owned budget accommodations to luxury hotels. Expect to pay USD5-15 per night for a room in a guesthouse and as high as USD500 per night in an upscale hotel. While the big chains have yet to make an appearance, there's plenty of "boutique" accommodations ranging from the quirky to luxury. 

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Where to Stay
Most of the lanes and alleys all through Luang Prabang have a place to stay. The first choice for most visitors is the old (main) area of town situated on a small peninsula created by the confluence of the Mekong and the Nam Khan Rivers. Most of the town's main attraction are located here as well as the conveniences of shops, restaurants and cafes. However, there is little in the way of budget priced accommodation here. For budget stays, you can find several located between the main post office building and the riverside i.e. lanes south of the post office. If you are searching for five-star accommodation, the most likely places are outside of the main town area.

Amantaka Hotel by Richard Michael Shaw

Though rooms at the guesthouses are basic, they are clean and generally come equipped with a fan and attached bathroom. If you are willing to pay a little bit more (USD15-20 per room), you can have a larger air-conditioned room with better facilities but don't expect luxurious. Some guesthouses may have cheaper dormitory-style rooms for around USD5 per person. Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is quite common but the quality of the connection vary between guesthouses.

Luang Prabang Guesthouse by calflier001

Peak Seasons
The peak tourist season in Luang Prabang is from December to January. Major festivals, such as the Lao New Year (known as Songkran and celebrated on 13-15 April) are also peak times for bookings. Guesthouses and mid-range accommodations fill up rather quickly during these periods and may have difficulty finding a room, especially if you arrive by late afternoon or later. To ensure an accommodation, it is best to book in advance regardless of the season. 
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