Luang Prabang, Laos


There are no McDonald's restaurants or any other multi-national fast food outlets in Luang Prabang or elsewhere in Laos. Restaurants line Sisavangvong Road and the roads along the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers. Food runs the line from standard Southeast Asian backpacker fare to more traditional Lao dishes, including buffalo sausage and right up to very high quality French cuisine.
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Local Specialties
Probably the one dish most recommended is the Lao version of fried spring roll. A vegetarian roll cost about 3,000 kip and meat based roll cost 5,000 kip per piece. 
Other local specialties in Luang Prabang include:
  • French baguettes and other bakery items.
  • Local watercress, which is very peppery.
  • Fried dried seaweed with sesame seeds dipped in a chili sauce.
  • Buffalo steaks and sausages.
  • Khao Soi, a spicy clear mince and noodle soup.

Restaurant in Luang Prabang by Rebecca MacKinnon

Near the Tourist Information Building
The much recommended street-food market located east of the Tourist Information building is said to be one of the must see street food markets in Southeast Asia - however, it is quite disappointing. A dozen or so buffet dishes per stall is offered at 10,000 kip per plate. They are displayed in aluminium basins with no warmers and by evening, the food is cold. The taste is also bland and one must contend with the barrage of flies. Basically, if one sees one table, one has seen it all. For a bit more, a tasty alternative are the grilled fish, chicken legs and buffalo sausages sold just before the main "buffet" area.

Cheap Eats
You can find numerous market stalls for cheaper food including baguettes, crepes and pancakes. Food stalls located along an alleyway between the night market end of Sisavangvong Road and the Mekong River offers superb Lao street food at bargain prices. Grilled fish, spring rolls, chicken legs and a variety of noodle dishes are some of the foods that you can find here.

Breakfast noodles by einalem

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