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Kuang Si Falls
About 29 km south of Luang Prabang. Open: Daily until 5:30 p.m. Admission: 20,000 kip. 
A large three-stage waterfall and worth putting a whole day or more because it is a great place to relax and meet others. There are multiple pools at different levels, most are open for swimming and reportedly safe to bathe in as well as being extremely picturesque. The falls is accessible via a trail and well maintained with walkways and bridges. There are food and tourist stalls outside the falls.
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From Luang Prabang, a return trip on a private tuk-tuk will cost you around 150,000 kip (after some haggling). Drivers will try to show you some documents that quote 200,000 kip or more - there are dozens of tuk-tuks around, so you have the advantage of haggling. Try and go with five people and insist on 30,000 kip each - you may have to wait until the tuk-tuk fills up. Tuk-tuks are legally allowed to carry six passengers, so some drivers may try to get a another person in the front seat. The driver should wait 3-4 hours for you at the waterfall gate area. If you want to stay longer, be prepared to more. A seat in a minibus costs 40,000 kip, more if booked through a travel agent. You can also rent a motorbike to transport yourself there. 

Kuang Si Falls by yeowatzup

Pak Ou Caves
About 25 km north of Luang Prabang.
The famous "Buddha caves" on the bank of the Mekong River. The caves are noted for their small Buddha 
sculptures and there are hundred of these sculptures, mostly damaged wooden figures laid out over the shelves of the wall. The sculptures take many different positions including meditation, teaching, peace, rain and reclining.

The caves can be reached by road (about an hour) or river boat (about 1 1/2 hour). Alternatively, you can hire canoes and a guide for the day, which will allow you to view the beautiful scenery and visit the caves without throngs of other tourists. There are two caves i.e. one on the entry level and the upper caves on top of the hill - a very steep climb but worth the effort. A flashlight is recommended to see the upper cave.

Pak Ou Caves by LaoPDR

Tad Thong Waterfall and Nature Trail
About 6 km from Luang Prabang (off Route 13 south to Vientiane). Admission: 20,000 kip.
The waterfalls here are not as spectacular as the Kuang Si Falls but there is a paved 50 minute walk through the jungle dotted with picnic areas. Water from the falls cascades into a big lake that you can swim in. A natural and scenic location but not well-known by tourists. There is a small cafeteria near the falls. You can get here by tuk-tuk, minivan, or rent a scooter or bicycle.
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