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The town of Luang Prabang was the former capital of Laos and today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Luang Prabang is set at the confluence of two rivers that almost surround the town and beneath a temple-topped hill. The town is a wonderful patchwork of traditional Lao wooden houses and hints of European architecture - reminders of when Laos was part of the French colony of Indochina.
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Luang Prabang is one of those small towns with an atmospheric and charming personality of its own. It is well-known for its Buddhist monks, monasteries and temples. Golden-roofed wats, decorated with mosaics and murals of the life of Buddha, sit under the gaze of wrap-around teak balconies and 19th century shuttered windows. All of this is set against a backdrop of verdant greenery and rugged mountains. Once unknown, it is now on the radar screen of many tourists to Laos and a not to be missed destination. 

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As a visitor, you cannot help but be amazed by the tidiness and cleanliness of perhaps the most charming destination in all of Southeast Asia. With UNESCO so closely involved and a largely responsible group of local business owners, the pressures of mass tourism development have been held at bay but for how much longer remains to be see. Restaurants along the main street tend to be expensive and aimed at luxury tourists, whilst lower cost venues can be found along the banks of the Mekong River.

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Luang Prabangis not a big town, comprising of just four main roads located on a peninsula between the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers. You can practically get around most parts of Luang Prabang on foot. However, options for transport are available for visitors. There are several bicycle and motorbike shops offering bicycle rentals for USD2-3 per day and motorbikes for USD5-10. Many guesthouses also offer bicycles for rent. There are also motorbike powered taxis known as jumbos, charging around USD0.40 per km but many will ask USD1 per ride if it is just within town.
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