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There are numerous places to stay in Vientiane but there is little budget accommodation. Whatever budget accommodation are available in Vientiane, it fills quickly and can be difficult to find by late afternoon. Most options are the mid to high-range hotels, which can go up to astronomic prices exceeding the yearly salary of most Laotians, and which can not be paid in local currency.

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In recent years, many new establishments have opened but the Laotian government has restricted the number of new permits, preferring to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. The days that anyone could convert their home to a guesthouse for the budget traveller seems to be over. As a rough guide, the price range (per night) for a standard double room are as follow:

  • Budget - Under 120,000 kip
  • Mid-range - 120,000-400,000
  • Splurge - Over 400,000 kip
The most abundant category of accommodation in Vientiane are the mid-priced establishments.

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Normally, just get into the city centre (for instance, Nam Phu Square) and start looking around along Thanon Setthathirat and its side streets. You’ll find something within minutes except during the "peak season" of January when it will be really difficult to find a room. Therefore it is best to book in advance. High season is something like from October through April or May, while low season is from June through September.

Some places insist on an early nightly curfew and lock the front door without giving you a key. If you wish to enjoy the nightlife (not much anyway in Vientiane), make sure that you will be able to stay out and more importantly, get in again. Often there will be a door man who sleeps near to the main entrance doors and can be woken up to get in. It's advisable to check what system they have in place for getting back in during the small hours of the morning.

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