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Markets & Malls

Talat Sao (Morning Market)
Corner of Lane Xang Road and Khu Vieng Road. Open: Daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
A large collection of indoor stalls selling, well, pretty much anything. There are two floors with the first floor selling mostly textiles, electronics (nearly all of it counterfeit) and watches. The second floor has clothing, gold and jewellery. Depending on the product, you should negotiate for 10-30% discounts.
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Talat Sao by B. Fram 2006

Talat Sao Mall
Near Talat Sao (Morning Market).
Comprises of four floors and is the first public building in Vientiane with indoor parking. On weekends, people from the countryside come here and marvel at the escalators and brave venturing onto them. Inside the mall you can find handmade silk, handicraft, silverware, paintings, jewellery, souvenir items, shoes, bags and clothing. Thai-owned Big C supermarket is located here and well stocked with quality items.

The mall boasts a few cafes and a Thai-style food court on the fourth floor. Many vendors are Thais and they expect you to pay in baht, despite the signs urging you to pay in kip. They also expect you to be the typical dumb tourists who'll pay any price and still think it's a bargain. The mall also boast a three-screen movie theatre and children's play area with arcade games. Several banks and currency exchange services are on the ground floor.

Talat Sao Mall by Njtrading.laos 

Home Ideal Department Store
Samsenthai Road (near the National Cultural Hall).
A large one-stop shopping centre located close to Vientiane's city centre. The ground floor is more like a supermarket while the second and third floors sell an assorted range of items including 
housewares, stationery, clothing and luggage. Prices here are fixed and moderately priced.

Phimphone Mini-Mart
Setthathirat Road (next to JoMa).
It is no mere mini-mart but almost a full-grown supermarket. This place will surprise you in the amount of Western stock it carries but it is expensive and the exchange rate on foreign currency is not good. It pays to pay in kip! 
Excellent, European-style bread is usually available, though the delivery schedule is a bit erratic. A second shop with the same name (the owners are related but the shops are not) is on Samsenthai Road at the corner of Chantha Kumman Road. 

M-Point Mart
M-Point Mart is 
much like a 7-11 with its store chain look and feel. The chain first opened in 2006 and has at least five locations in Vientiane. The stores have the typical items found in a Southeast Asian convenience store including snacks, drinks and personal care products. Stop around 6:00 p.m. and there will be a Thai food cart right in front. Offers pad Thai, fried baby mussels, fried rice and mixed seafood platter at around 15,000 kip per plate.

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