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The massive influx of Chinese investment into Laos in recent years may have been controversial, but one area in which it has had an undeniably positive impact is the vastly increasing number of Chinese restaurants in Vientiane. The quality of the Chinese food served here has also improved. Now, there is no reason anymore to settle for the uninspired banquet fare in the big hotels.
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Chinese restaurant in Vientiane by Prince Roy

Vientiane has a growing selection of authentic regional Chinese cuisine, particularly from the southwest.

Fu Man Lou
Luang Prabang Road.
This restaurant is so successful that it now has two locations. The one on the road to the airport is the best by far. It is the most established of the better Chinese restaurants in Vientane, and the Chinese diplomats posted to Laos often dine here. Food selection is multi-regional, but the Sichuan dishes are well done.

Dihao Hunan Restaurant
On T2 Road (not far from Patuxai).
If you are craving spicy Hunan fare, Dihao serves up some of the best you'll find on this side of Changsha. Hunanese-owned and operated (the Hunan Chamber of Commerce is on the fourth floor), Dihao is likely the finest and most authentic Chinese restaurant in Vientiane at the moment. Staff speak Chinese and Lao, and every dish on the menu has its own photo. Order anything containing chilies and you can't go wrong.

Jiu-Jiu Restaurant
Luang Prabang Road (opposite the Marina Nightclub).
An unheralded gem, this restaurant offers fantastic southwestern Chinese cuisine. The chef hails from Qujing in Yunnan Province. The food is best described as Yunnan-Sichuan fusion. Helps if you know Chinese, but the staff can speak Lao as well. Menu contains plenty of photographs, so if all else fails, just point.

Restaurant Chengdu
Luang Prabang Road.
Formerly the Manchuria Gourmet, this restaurant opened with a new name and management in January 2011. The owner-manager claims the chef is from Chengdu and they have changed the menu from initially Manchurian to Sichuan. However, it is obvious that the dishes prepared are still 
heavily Manchurian-influenced.

Chengdu Restaurant by Prince Roy

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