Laos is a mountainous country and one of the poorest in Southeast Asia. Yet it is an intriguing destination offering visitors its unspoilt national parks, tribal villages, historic sites and Buddhist culture. For the more adventurous, Laos also offers outdoor activities including trekking and cave exploring. However, life in Laos seems to go at slow pace and therefore not for the hurried traveller.

Laos travel guide
Guide and information to Laos' popular travel destinations including getting in and around, attractions, things to do and eating out.

Country Guide
A landlocked country that seems spared from the excesses of modern development.
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Luang Prabang
A small city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to several historical Buddhist temples.
>> Luang Prabang guide

The capital and largest city in Laos but life here seems rather laid-back and relaxed for a city.
>> Vientiane guide

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Laos travel articles
Travel articles on Laos including destinations, tourism, guide and activities by various authors.

Top 5 Must See Attractions on Laos Tours
Andrew Mulvaney

Laos - Meet the Locals
by Wilkin Koon

Guide to Luang Prabang - Laos' Saffron City
by Simon Ramsden

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Photos of scenes and destinations in Laos by various photographers.

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Laos in Brief

236,800 sq km
91,429 sq miles

Landlocked country with a landscape of rugged mountains, thick forests and the Mekong River forming the Laotian boundary in the west with Thailand.

Population (2011)
6.3 million


Communist single-party (Revolutionary People's Party of Laos or RPPL) state with the President as Head of State and Prime Minister as Head of Government, both elected by the National Assembly.

Unicameral National Assembly comprising of popularly elected  representatives - candidates selected by RPPL.

Ethnic Groups
Lao: 55%
Khmou: 11%
Hmong: 8%
Others: 26%

Lao (official), English, French, Khmou and Hmong.

Buddhist: 67%
Christian: 2%
Others & unspecified: 31%

GDP (2011 in PPP)
Total: $17.7 billion
Per capita: $2,700
Growth: 8.3%

Major Industries
Agriculture (rice, coffee, corn, cassava, peanuts), mining (copper, gypsum, tin, gold), timber, hydro-power, textile, cement  and tourism.

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