Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


Beyond the typical range of souvenirs, popular items sought after by tourists in Cameron Highlands include handicrafts, variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, ornamental plants and tea cultivated in the area. Popular handicrafts include wooden carvings, blowpipes, utensils and baskets crafted by the the local aborigines and preserved insects indigenous to the rainforest of Cameron Highlands.
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Main Shopping Destinations
Most of the shopping in Cameron Highlands are in the towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. You can also find several stalls, markets and shops located along the road between Brinchang and the settlement of Tringkap. On Fridays and Saturdays as well as during the public holidays and school holidays there is a lively open air night market (pasar malam) in Brinchang located opposite the police station. The market is popular with tourists and locals offering from strawberries and fresh vegetables to cheap clothes and electronics.

Fresh Produce
There is plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables from Cameron Highlands. A popular destination is the open-air market at Kea Farm located about 2 km north of Brinchang. The market opens daily from the early morning to late afternoon. Here you can purchase recently harvested cordyceps, vegetables, broccoli, strawberries, sweet corn, baby tomatoes and sweet yam to name a few. You can also find smaller markets and stalls located along the roadside between Brinchang and Tringkap selling fresh produce.

Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands
Fresh produce at Kea Farm

Ornamental Plants
Cameron Highlands is a major cultivator of cut flowers in Malaysia and some are destined for the export markets. There are several nurseries, shops and stalls specialising in ornamental plants between Brinchang and Tringkap. Fresh flowers sold include roses, carnation, dahlias, germanium and orchids. You can also find dried flowers and colourful cactus plants that are small enough to take home.  A popular destination is the Rose Centre at Kea Farm with more than 100 varieties roses grown here. The Cactus Point located about 500 metres from Kea Farm sells an assortment of colourful cacti.  

Flower nursery in Cameron Highlands
At a flower nursery

Cameronian Tea
Cameron Highlands is a major grower of tea and therefore not surprising to find tea products widely sold here. The variety of tea sold in Cameron Highlands are widely available at the supermarkets in the lowlands and there is not much difference in prices. However, it is one of the sought items for many Malaysian tourists visiting the Camerons. It is best to buy tea at the tea shops at Boh Tea Estate, Sungai Palas Estate and
Cameron Bharat Plantations. Besides purchasing the tea, you can enjoy a hot cuppa with scones and enjoy the view of the tea plantations.

Buying tea from Cameron Highlands

Cameronian tea

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