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Cameron Highlands is a major producer of vegetables in Malaysia and nearly half of the vegetables grown here are exported mainly to Singapore. You can get a good roadside view of the multitude of vegetable farms in the Cameron Highlands as you drive from Ringlet to Kampung Raja. The farms here produce a variety of vegetables including cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, leek, kale, cauliflowers, cucumbers and sweet-peas to name a few.
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Many of the farmers in the Cameron Highlands are Chinese with a sprinkle of Malay and Indian farmers. However, there is a high proportion of immigrant workers from Bangladesh assisting the farmers. The main vegetable growing areas are in the Bertam Valley and the area between Tringkap and Kampung Raja. The farms range from small to large vegetable plots.

To maximise land usage, you will notice some of the vegetables cultivated on terraces located on steep hill slopes. Some of the farmers have shifted to organic farming to meet the growing needs of the health conscious consumers. The scenery of the vegetable farms provide interesting views of Cameron Highlands especially for the keen photographer.

Vegetable farm in Cameron Highlands
Vegetable farm in Cameron Highlands

Vegetable farming has become a major tourist attraction in  Cameron Highlands. While the larger farms are not on the list of tourist destinations (though you can view them from the roadside), there are smaller farms located along the trunk road that have been set up specifically for tourists. Besides the farms, there are the numerous vegetable stalls located along the road and the most notable is the market at Kea Farm located just a few kilometres north of Brinchang.

Vegetables, Cameron Highlands
Produce from the farms
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