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Strawberry farms were few and strawberries were a novelty in Cameron Highlands more than 20 years ago. However, fresh strawberries sold then were poor in quality and more suitable for making jams or preserves. In recent years, the the quality of strawberries here have improved tremendously including improved sweetness but not yet on par as those grown in Europe. While strawberries in Cameron Highlands were once grown on the ground, they are now grown using the hydroponic method i.e. plants planted in soiled filled bags stacked on long racks.

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Visiting a strawberry farm has become a major tourist attraction in Cameron Highlands. The number of strawberry farms have mushroomed in recent years and there are now around 20 farms. Major farms include the Big Red Strawberry Farm (near Brinchang), Healthy Strawberry Farm (near Cameron Highlands Resort in Tanah Rata) and Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm (near Equatorial Cameron Highlands in Brinchang). There are also several strawberry farms in Taman Sedia (near Cameron Highlands Golf Club) including Taman Agro Al-Mashoor, R.Z. Strawberry Farm, KHM Strawberry Farm and Has'r Strawberry. Some of the farms will allow you to pluck the strawberries and charge you according to weight.

Strawberry farm, Cameron Highlands
Strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands

You can also purchase strawberries from the markets and stalls located along the road. Prices are around MYR5 for a 250gm pack and would cost at least twice as much if you purchased them at the supermarkets in the lowlands. Foods such as strawberry added cakes, ice cream and waffles are a popular novelty with the local cafes and restaurants in Cameron Highlands. There are also the strawberry jams and dried preserves that are popular with Malaysian tourists.

Fresh strawberries, Cameron Highlands
Fresh strawberries for sale
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