Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


Flower Nurseries
Cameron Highlands is a major producer of fresh temperate flowers in Malaysia. You can find many of the flower nurseries located between the town of Brinchang and Kampung Raja.  Flowers cultivated here include roses, carnations and chrysanthemum as well as a variety of small colourful cacti which are available for purchase. A popular destination is the the Rose Centre located in the Rose Valley with more than 100 varieties of roses grown here. Entrance is MYR5 for adults and MYR3 for children. Entrance to other flower nurseries is free but the Rose Centre is the most scenic of them all.

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Flowers, Cameron Highlands

Flowers from Cameron Highlands

Time Tunnel Museum
The Time Tunnel is a small private museum located within the Kok Lim Strawberry Farm. This is a  memorabilia museum filled with interesting collectibles showcasing life in Malaysia after the Second World War. Apart from collectibles and memorabilia, there are also assortments of old photographs. The museum opens daily from 9AM to 6PM and there are no restrictions on photography at the gallery. The entrance fee is MYR5 for adults and MYR3 for children.

Time Tunnel, Cameron Highlands
Time Tunnel Museum

Butterfly Farm & Butterfly Garden
There are two butterfly farms in the Camerons, one called the Butterfly Farm and another called the Butterfly Garden. Both are located near each other, about 3 km north of Brinchang and have similar exhibitions of various species of butterflies and other insects. Both farms stay open until 6PM and the entrance fee is MYR5 for adults and MYR3 for children. There are no restrictions on photography at the farms.

Bee Farms
There are several honey bee farms (apiaries) in Cameron Highlands. These include the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm (near Kea Farm), Highland Honey Bee Farm (near Boh Tea Plantation) and the Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm (in Tringkap). Varieties of flowers are cultivated as a source of food for the bees and visitors may get an opportunity to see honey extracted from the beehive. You can purchase pure honey direct the bee farms.

Bee Farm, Cameron Highlands
Beehives at the Highland Honey Bee Farm
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