Cherating, Malaysia



The main attraction in Cherating is of course its golden sandy beach. While the beach stretches for nearly 10 km long, the main beach area where many of the budget stays and resort-style hotels are located is within a 5 km stretch. Being located in a quiet fishing village and accommodations spaced apart, the beach here is never crowded and always peaceful even on weekends or public holidays.

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Beach resort in Cherating
Beach resort in Cherating

Swaying palm trees and casuarina trees line the beach. The water at Cherating are not crystal clear as those found off the islands of the East Coast but are clean and the beach unspoilt. The water is shallow and therefore safe for children and non-swimmers. However, keep in mind that during the monsoon season (November to March) strong waves and undercurrent makes the beach unsafe for swimming though safe to walk along the shores.

Beach in Cherating
Beach in Cherating

Though you can expect a quiet and laid back holiday when in Cherating, there are various water activities for the sports minded holidaymaker. Beyond lazing under the sun and swimming, popular activities along the beach include surfing, canoeing, sailing, jet skiing, fishing, kite flying and beach volleyball. Many of the resort hotels and even some of the budget stays offer some these facilities for their guests.

Beach huts in Cherating

Beach huts

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