Cherating, Malaysia

Beach at Cherating
Beach at Cherating

Cherating is a popular beach resort area in Peninsular Malaysia's East Coast. The beach is in the state of Pahang situated just off the main East Coast trunk road stretching from the southern to northern tip of the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Cherating is about 280 km from Kuala Lumpur, 30 km from Kuantan and 130 km from Kuala Terengganu,

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Cherating is a typical laid back fishing village in the East Coast with tourism becoming another major income earner. The area was first made popular by backpackers and though still popular with budget travellers today, there are now several international class hotels here including Asia's first Club Med. Budget accommodation comprises mainly of wooden village-style chalets and hotels operated as resorts.

Snake performance, Cherating
Snake performance at Cherating

The main beach at Cherating stretches for about 5 km along the coast of the South China Sea. Though not as stunning as the beaches found on the islands off the East Coast, it is nevertheless a beautiful beach with its wide sandy shores. The fishing village has a typical laid back atmosphere while the beach is never crowded and therefore a fantastic getaway from the cities for a quiet holiday.

Club Med, Cherating
Entrance to Cherating's Club Med

Cherating is not touristy or overdeveloped like many major tourist destinations in Malaysia or anywhere else. The village here is quiet at night and nightlife is mostly confined to the major hotels. Though not a destination for shopping, Cherating is known for the several handicraft shops selling locally produced weaved products made from rattan and palm leaves, woodcarvings and batik.

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