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Scuba Diving
Malaysia has excellent scuba diving. The most popular spots are the islands off the East Coast of peninsular Malaysia (Perhentian, Redang, Tioman and many more), although the dive season is limited to April to September. However, the most famous dive site — often ranked among the best in the world — is Sipadan, off the easternmost tip of Malaysian Borneo. There are many other less well known sites, like Layang Layang.

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Redang Island by Singaporean

Malaysia is also well-known for some pristine beaches with great diving opportunities, such as Sipadan off the coast of Sabah and the Perhentian Islands off the coast of northern Terengganu. The coastlines in the less industrialized parts of the country, in general, are well worth driving through for their natural beauty and relaxing seaside kampung (villages), though beware not to swim at any beach which is not protected by capes, lest you be swept away by a powerful undertow.

Secluded beach in Langkawi

Whitewater Rafting
You can find tame Grade I to incredibly difficult and dangerous Grade V rapids in Malaysia's many national parks:

  • Jeram Besu - Grade I-III - Pahang
  • Telom River - Grade V - Pahang
  • Kuala Perahu - Pahang
  • Lipis River - Pahang
  • Anak Jelai River - Grade I-II - Pahang
  • Tembeling River - Grade I-II - Pahang
  • Sedim River - Grade III-IV - Kedah
  • Sungai Selangor - Grade I-III - Selangor
  • Kiulu River - Grade II - Sabah
  • Padas River - Grade III-IV - Sabah
  • Sungai Itek (Kampar River) - Grade I-III - Perak
  • Sungkai River - Grade I-II - Perak
  • Singoh River - Grade V - Perak
  • Endau River - Johor
  • Nenggiri River - Grade I-III Kelantan
  • Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor

Whitewater rafting on the Padas River by Smim90

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