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Getting internet access is reasonably available for foreign tourists in Kuala Lumpur. There are the internet cafes in the city and if you have your own laptop, netboook or PDAs, some hotels offer internet access (WiFi or cable) in their rooms and usually for a fee. Furthermore, many major hotels offer free WiFi access usually in the lobby area. Hotels with business centres often have internet access and/or internet accessible computers for use by guests for a fee. Hostels frequented by foreign travellers usually have a lounge for computers connected to the internet, usually charging a small fee of MYR1-3 per hour.

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Free WiFi internet access is often available at the major shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur. Some modern dining establishments, fast food restaurants and coffee houses provide free WiFi access. Among the well-known coffee houses in Kuala Lumpur with free WiFi access are Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Even some Indian Muslim eateries offering cheap eats have free WiFi access for use by their customers. A sign is usually placed at eateries indicating WiFi access or you can always ask. You may require a password to gain access and therefore ask for it when making an order.

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Malaysia Tourism Centre (MTC) is located at 109 Jalan Ampang (between KLCC and Dang Wangi). Formerly known as MATIC, MTC has a wealth of tourist information on Malaysia and the occasional cultural shows. There are also free PCs for browsing the internet. The Air Asia ticketing office in KL Sentral has several computers with internet access. You can check the Air Asia website to make your travel arrangements and maybe glance and make a quick e-mail. There is also the Starbucks coffee house at KL Sentral for a drink and get free WiFi access.

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