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Combining public transport with taxis can sometime make trips quicker if there are traffic jams. With a MYR3 charge for the first 2 kilometre and around RM0.90 per kilometre, Kuala Lumpur's red and white taxis are reasonably priced and probably the best way to get around the city. There are also the fewer bright blue executive taxis charging MYR6 for the first flagfall and a bit more by the kilometre. There are other charges including radio call (MYR2) and baggage (MYR1 per piece). After midnight, you pay an extra 50% of the metered price i.e. if the meter shows MYR12, then you have to pay MYR18.

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While all taxis are supposed to use the meter, some drivers are reluctant to use it and will often demand a fixed price, which is always higher than the metered price. This is especially so during the rush hour and tourists are sometimes charged 2-10 times than the metered price. This is illegal (and reportable) and happens most often with cabbies lurking outside hotels, stations and major malls. Hail cabs off the street if you can, but if you must, at least negotiate hard: MYR5-10 should cover most trips of 15 min or so.
Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

Nearby airports, KL Sentral, KL Tower and Sunway Pyramid Megamall enforce prepaid coupons, which is generally more expensive than using the meter but cheaper than bargaining. Some taxi drivers will hang around near hotels offering tours similar to those offered by established companies. Feel free to listen to their offers and bargain with them if you like. Some of these cabbies are very knowledgeable and offer private tours for less than the cost of an official tour.

Call a Cab
If you need to call a cab, the following are telephone numbers of taxi companies servicing Kuala Lumpur:

  • Comfort Radio Taxi: 03-6253 1313
  • Sunlight Radio Taxi: 03-9057 5757
  • Public Cab: 03-6259 2020
  • Uptown Ace: 03-9283 2333
  • Oriental Radio Taxi: 03-2694 4718
  • Saujana Taxi: 03-2162 8888
  • Mesra Cab: 03-4043 0659
  • Wira Cab: 03-2144 3630
  • Super Cab: 03-2095 3399
Tell the operator where to pick you up and your intended destination.
Taxis at KL Sentral

Taxis at KL Sentral

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