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Kuantan River Esplanade
The Kuantan River Esplanade is located nearby the office complex of the Kuantan Municipal Council. The esplanade is about a kilometre long and overlooks the scenic Kuantan River. Lush palm trees line the esplanade and popular with locals for afternoon or evening strolls and watch the fishing boats sail up and down the river. The esplanade is also a popular spot for anglers and the river supports varieties of fishes.

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Esplanade along the Kuantan River
Esplanade along the Kuantan River

Kuantan River Cruise
A popular activity with many visitors to Kuantan is the boat cruise on the Kuantan River. You can board the boats at the Shahbandar Jetty located at the edge of the esplanade. Day and night cruises are available daily (except Wednesday) and the fare is MYR18 for adults and MYR15 for children. Besides enjoying the view during the cruise, the boats stop and passengers can explore a fishing village and a mangrove forest.

Terminal for the Kuantan River Cruise
Boat terminal for the Kuantan River Cruise

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary Centre
The turtle sanctuary is located nearby Club Med in Cherating about 40 km north of Kuantan. The sanctuary was established in 1972 but opened to the public in 1998. The centre is a conservatory to ensure the survival of the leatherback turtle. From April to August, visitors who are willing to be at the centre at night may get the opportunity to observe the turtles come to shore and lay their eggs. There is also a small museum to educate visitors about the turtles.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary Centre

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary Centre

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