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There is a wide choice of places and cuisines to savour in Kuantan ranging from Western-style menus to Malaysian dishes including Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Nyonya cuisines. Besides the fine dining establishments at the upscale hotels, there are the local restaurants, food courts at the shopping malls and street foods serving inexpensive meals. Being a city by the coast, seafood is definitely popular in Kuantan. For the less adventurous visitor to Malaysia, there are the typical fast food outlets including McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut.

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KFC at Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan
Fast food invasion at Teluk Chempedak

Local Specialties
Kuantan is famous for its "keropok" (local fish crackers) and salted fish, which are purchased and then brought home to cook. For many Malaysian tourists, purchasing these food items in Kuantan is often a must and before returning home. Seafood restaurants are either Malay or Chinese establishment, each with their own unique cooking styles. A popular seafood dish is "ikan bakar" or grilled fish marinated in various condiments and spicy sauces before grilling.

Street food in Kuantan
Street food

Popular Destinations
If you prefer an inexpensive meal under air-conditioned comfort, then head to the food courts at the major shopping malls such as the East Coast Mall and Berjaya Megamall. The food courts serve a variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian meals as well as simple Western dishes. A popular spot in Kuantan for Malay foods are the stalls at the Esplanade overlooking the Kuantan River. You can find plenty of Malay and Chinese restaurants along Jalan Beserah and several specialise in seafood. Popular with foreign tourists is Pak Su Seafood Restaurant located at a sandy beach along Jalan Beserah and the stuffed crab is a must.

Esplanade, Kuantan

Food stalls at the Esplanade

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