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There are no shortages of mid-priced restaurants in Langkawi, especially along the beachfront of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. Expect to pay for a meal per person MYR7-10 for breakfast and MYR20-30 for lunch at a mid-priced establishment. Options range from local fares to Western (mainly European) restaurants, popular with both Malaysian and foreign tourists. Some establishments offer indoor or outdoor dining and some may have both options available.

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Beach cafe in Langkawi

At a beach cafe in Langkawi

  • Artisans Pizza Cafe - Located in Pantai Cenang, this establishment offers freshly cooked pizzas with both traditional and Malaysian toppings. You can dine here, takeaway or have your meal delivered to your guesthouses.
  • Babylon Mat Lounge & BBQ - Located right in Pantai Cenang with mats laid out on the sand for patrons to sit and there is a low table with candle. They also have a live band or playlist that is passed as a DJ.
  • Restoran Haji Ramli - Located in Pantai Cenang and opens until 1 a.m. Popular are the 'ikan bakar' (grilled fish) and other fresh seafood. Their seafood dishes cost MYR4-5 per 100g and are cooked in a variety of styles. Meat dishes costs MYR6-12 and a complete meal costs MYR10-20.
  • Breakfast Station - A couple of minutes walk from Restoran Haji Ramli. Serves breakfast and early lunch until 12 p.m. The place has a Balinese decor, rustic and with a cozy ambiance. Serves fantastic 'nasi lemak' (rice dish) and prepares one of the best omelets in town.
  • Cenang Boat Quay - Restaurant located along the beachfront of Pantai Cenang offering varieties of pizza and pasta dishes as well as German sausages, local dishes and fusion food.
  • Champor Champur - A restaurant in Pantai Cenang owned by a Dutch-Malaysian couple. Offers fusion food under great ambiance and an atmosphere of eating in an outdoor garden.
  • Red Tomato Restaurant - Located in front of Underwater World in Pantai Cenang offering western menus.  Serves great breakfast, lunch menus, homemade bread, pasta and pizza dishes as well a great varieties of cheeses.
  • Fat Mum Restaurant - Located in Pantai Tengah, just up the road from Awana Resort. One of the best Chinese restaurants in Pantai Tengah, serving great seafood prepared in a variety of styles at reasonable prices.
  • Hole in the Wall Fishfarm & Restaurant - A Malay floating seafood restaurant on the Kilim River in the northeastern part of Langkawi Island. Popular traditional dishes include freshly caught fish, prawns, crabs and lobster. There is a shuttle boat service between the Kilim jetty and the floating restaurant and the trip is free if meals are more than MYR50.
  • Mimi - A few minutes walk from Underwater World (opposite side of the road). Offers a variety of traditional Malay cuisine including 'ikan bakar' (grilled fish) accompanied with tantalizing sauces. Other specialties include 'tomyam' (Thai soup dish) and "ayam masak merah" (chicken cooked in non-spicy sauce).
  • Sun Cafe - A restaurant in Pantai Tengah serving Western meals as well as spicy Malaysian and delicious Italian dishes. Also serves a range of hot and cold beverages from cappuccino to milkshake and from fruit juice to mocktails. Has a relaxing atmosphere, a great place for a casual conversation over a cup of coffee.
  • Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant - Located in Pantai Cenang, opening from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. for lunch and from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m for dinner. Dishes are prepared in a variety of Malay, Thai, Chinese and Western styles. Some tables offer a fantastic view of the sea.
  • Taj Mahal - Restaurant located in Landcon Square, opposite the Zon Shopping Mall. Huge open-sided restaurant specializing in Arabic and North Indian dishes, very tasty and reasonably priced. Great place to just sit around and relax, occasionally ordering drinks and another order of fresh flat breads and dips.
  • T. Jay's Italian Bistro & Pizzeria - Located opposite Underwater World, opening from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. A cozy restaurant operated by an English couple. Serves great wood-fired pizzas and highly recommended is the T. Jay's Special Pizza. Also serves great pasta dishes and cheese bread.
  • Tulsi Garden - Restaurant in Pantai Tengah specializing in northern and southern Indian dishes, you can request the chef to tone down on the chili and spices. Great place to have a quiet meal and chat with friends. You may even get to talk with the owner, Palani on some nights.
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