Langkawi, Malaysia

Getting Around


Public transport on the island is not very efficient and choices are to use the taxi or rent a car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle. Taxis are available at Langkawi International Airport and the fare from the airport to Pantai Cenang is around MYR18. The taxi fare from Kuah Jetty (Langkawi's main ferry terminal) to Kuah Town is MYR8, Pantai Kok  and Pantai Cenang is MYR24. You can rent bicycles in many of the hotels and expect to pay between MYR10 and MYR30 per day. 

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Hired van in Langakwi

Hired van in Langkawi

Renting a Car, Motorbike or Scooter

Renting a car, motorbike or scooter is recommended due to the lack of public transport on the island. You can rent these vehicles at the airport, ferry terminal and shops at Pantai Cenang. Renting an air-conditioned mid-sized sedan costs MYR70-MYR150 per day depending on the model, size, condition and length of rental. If you prefer a motorbike or scooter (usually a 150 cc vehicle), the rental is MYR40-45 per day.

Rental companies generally expect you to return the car, motorbike or scooter at the same fuel level as when you initially took the vehicle. Therefore check the level of the fuel tank when taking the vehicle and confirm it with the operator unless the tank is already full. Do not spend more on fuel than you have too when returning the vehicle i.e. if you took the vehicle when the fuel tank is half full than return it half full.
Motorbike & scooter rental, Langkawi

Motorbike & scooter rental

Driving Around Langkawi Island

Remember to drive safely, slowly and on the left side of the road. Beyond the tourists and locals, there are also the occasional chickens, cows, buffaloes, monkeys and monitor lizards crossing the road in the remoter areas of Langkawi. Driving laws you need to know:

  • Have a valid driver's licence when driving, either an international driver's licence or a local licence from your home country. If using a licence from your home country, check with the rental operator if it is valid in Malaysia.
  • Wearing seat belts in cars are mandatory as well as helmets when riding a motorbike or scooter. Fines start from MYR50 and can go higher for not complying.
Remember, there are the occasional road blocks by the authourity checking on the vehicles' road tax (sticker), drivers' driving licence, wearing of seat belts and helmets.
Driving in Langkawi
Driving in Langkawi
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