Langkawi, Malaysia



Drinking Alcohol
Langkawi has tax-free status and you will find plenty of duty-free shops on the main island selling alcoholic drinks at much
cheaper prices than the rest of Malaysia. However, faithful Muslims do not consume alcoholic drinks and Langkawi is predominantly Muslim, many are conservative in their beliefs and practice. However, local Muslims will tolerate non-Muslims who purchase and drink alcohol as long as local sensitivities are respected by non-Muslims.

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Do not drink alcohol in public places and drinking should be confined to the privacy of your hotel room, bars, nightclubs and restaurants that serve alcoholic drinks. Do not get drunk and behave in a rowdy manner in public especially in front of Muslims. Furthermore, do not drink alcohol near a mosque (Muslim house of worship), Muslim home or neighborhood. If invited to a Muslim home, do not bring alcohol as a gift.

Duty-free shop in Langkawi
Duty-free shop

Appropriate Clothing
Confine wearing of swimming suit
s (e.g. bikini and briefs) to the beach. When walking along the street from the beach back to your accommodation, dress decently and not in your beach clothes. Like the rest of the country, going nude or topless at the beach or swimming is not tolerated.

Local Muslims do not expect non-Muslims to dress conservatively like them in public. For the locals, dressing decently means a skirt or pants at the length of the knee and sleeved shirt or t-shirt. Men seen without their shirts and women wearing 'see through' clothing in public will definitely invite stares.

Kuah Town, Langkawi
Kuah Town
Other Customs
Like the rest of Malaysia, dress neatly in appropriate clothing that covers the arms and legs when entering places of worship e.g. mosque, church or temple. When entering a mosque, women should remember to wear a headscarf. Take of off your shoes when entering a Muslim house of worship and when invited to a Malaysian home. Remember to receive and give with your right hand and not your left. A smile and being patient always helps when you need assistance or enquiring.
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