Langkawi, Malaysia




Kedah Traditional House
The Kedah Traditional House is located in Kampung Mawat and a showcase of Malay culture and heritage of the region. The wooden house was constructed in the design of traditional Malay architecture from the Kedah region. Upon entering the house, you will appreciate the graceful traditional appearance of the interior, complete with antiques including furniture and decorations. There is a traditional bridal bed, baby cot and at the back of the house is a traditional Malay kitchen with its earthenware pots and wood-fired stove.

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Royal Museum, Islamic Museum and Heritage Museum
The Royal Museum, Islamic Museum and Heritage Museum are three small museums located inside the Langkawi Craft Complex in Teluk Yu, about 21 km from Kuah Town. The three museums houses various artworks and artifacts with the:
  • Royal Museum devoted to royalty and the royal family in Kedah;
  • Islamic Museum describes about Islam and its influence in the region; and
  • Heritage Museum related to Malaysian culture and heritage.
After visiting the museums, you can explore the rest of Langkawi Craft Complex and see the various traditional arts and crafts including demonstrations by skilled craftsmen.

Rice Museum
Rice is the staple food of Malaysia and the region and visitors to Langkawi Island cannot help notice the numerous rice fields scattered across the island. If you ever wondered how rice is cultivated, then go to the Rice Museum (Laman Padi) located in Pantai Cenang and near the resort of Casa Del Mar. The Rice Museum is an interesting and informative museum displaying tools, photos and presentations describing rice cultivation. The rice field outside the museum building is part of the exhibit and  you can observe farmers working on the field including planting and harvesting during the seasons.
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