Melaka, Malaysia



Melaka does not have the same reputation as Kuala Lumpur as a premier shopping destination when it comes to high street fashion or international labels. Nevertheless, Melaka does offer its fair share of shopping destinations ranging from the street markets to the large air-conditioned shopping centres. A great thing about shopping in Melaka's old city centre is that many of the markets and shopping centres are within short walking distances from each other.

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What to Buy
The highlight of shopping in Melaka is the local handicraft from the various cultures including Malays, Chinese and Indians. Local handicrafts
found here include pottery, woodcarvings, batik paintings, leather craft, brass ware and cane products. Other sought after items include crystals, traditional clothes and handmade decorative items. The city is famed for its antiques, many are situated in old shop houses filled with artifacts from Malaysia and around Asia Pacific. Though many items are touted as being antiques, some are actually new but 'aged' at the back of the shops.

Antique shop in Melaka

Antique shop in Jonker Street

Jonker Street
(officially known as Jalan Hang Jebat) is a popular destination for souvenirs. Another popular destination are the stalls located beside the Stadthuys (Dutch townhouse).
Beyond the typical souvenirs such as refrigerator magnets and key chains, Melaka also offers unique souvenirs to take back including traditional paper umbrellas, wind chimes, sea shells, bound feet shoes and Nyonya beaded slippers. A hit with many visitors are the Chinese wooden clogs (actually worn in the olden days) and come in an array of colours, beautiful designs and different sizes including sizes for children.

Studhuys, Melaka

Souvenir stalls beside the Studhuys

Traditional Pastries
Melaka is well-known for its traditional pastries, which are sought by both Malaysians and Singaporeans tourists
but definitely high on the calories. LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House operates four outlets in Melaka including Jalan Kubu, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Jalan Tokong and Jalan Hang Kasturi. The pineapple tarts come in various types and a common feature is the wonderful texture. San Shu Gong Food Industries operates a small outlet at Jonker Street (opposite Geographer Cafe), offering a variety of Nyonya pasteries. Sought after pastries here are the buttery pineapple tarts and mouth melting 'kuih bangkit' (coconut biscuits).

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