Melaka, Malaysia

Getting Around


Melaka is by no means a small city but exploring on foot is a good idea since many of the city's main attractions are located with the small old city centre. If you are coming to Melaka on a day trip or only staying for a night then best to keep your visit within the old city centre. Located here are the Portuguese and Dutch historical buildings, lively Jonker Street and departure point for the Melaka River boat cruise. There are also two major shopping malls and plenty of restaurants and cafes within the area.

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By Taxi

Metered taxis are just about everywhere but not as numerous as in Kuala Lumpur. You can hire a taxi from the Melaka Sentral bus and taxi terminal, located about 10 minutes from the old city centre. There is a chartered taxi stand on Jalan Kee Ann that can take you to your destination in the city and the ride should not cost more than MYR15. Many major hotels can assist you to get a taxi to pick you up from the hotel. You can negotiate with some taxi driver if you intend to  hire a taxi for long periods. Taxi drivers are generally tourist friendly and many speak at least an understandable level of English.

By Car

If you intend to extend your travels beyond the old city centre, then driving is an option. The locals generally have good driving sense and adhere to traffic rules but be mindful not to hold up traffic while taking photos. Streets in the historical part of the city are very narrow and congested especially during peak hours. This is especially so during the weekends, when cars from other parts of Malaysia and Singapore flood the city. Most of the roads in the old city centre are one-way and finding a car park here is extremely difficult even on weekdays. Best to park you car at the shopping malls though finding one can be difficult on weekends.

Traffic in Melaka

Traffic in Melaka

By Bus

There is a hop-on-hop-off bus service
departing daily from the Hang Tuah Mall taking and stopping tourists at many of the attractions in Melaka. The service is truly value for money comprising of two lines i.e. the red line and blue line.
  • The red line stops at 13 destinations within the city centre and cost MYR5.00 for adults and MYR2.50 for kids for a day use. The buses are double-decker buses departing from 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.
  • The blue line stops at 23 destinations on the outskirt of the city centre and cost MYR2.00 for adults and MYR1.00 for kids for a day use. The buses are single-decker buses departing from 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Hop-on hop-off bus in Melaka

Hop-on Hop off bus

From the Melaka Sentral terminal you can take the Melaka Town Bus:

  • No. 17 to the historic city centre, Mahkota Parade, Melaka Raya and the Portuguese Settlement. 
  • No. 19 to Ayer Keroh, where the Melaka Zoo, Taman ASEAN and Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary are located.
  • No. 50 to the Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall where there are also several nearby seafood restaurants.

By Pedicab

Traditional pedicabs (trishaws) complete with fake flowers and sometimes blaring music are available for short trips between Melaka's tourist spots or circular tours. The pedicabs are mostly located in the old city centre, so you should have no difficulty in finding one. The drivers are usually very cheerful and friendly and the going rate is MYR40 per hour but settle on the price with the driver riding.

Pedicab in Melaka

Colourful pedicab

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