Melaka, Malaysia



Jonker Street

The area around Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) is the residential heart of old Melaka, located just west of the Melaka River. The area is inside an triangle enclave between Heeren Street (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock), Jalan Kubu and Jalan Kampung Hulu with Jonker Street being the heart of the area. The area features narrow winding streets, beautifully decorated houses, tiny shops, clan houses, temples and mosques.

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The area is known for its heritage buildings, many built during the British colonial era and some date as far back as the 17th century. The whole area is undergoing a renaissance with new shops, restaurants and hotels catering to tourists mushrooming everywhere. However, the area still has a lot of atmosphere and worth exploring. One of the streets in this area is Harmony Street (officially Temple Street or Jalan Tokong in Malay), so called because it contains the prayer houses of Malaysia's three main faiths - the Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple, the Sri Poyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Hindu Temple and the Kampung Kling Mosque.

Jonker Street, Melaka

Along Jonker Street

The main tourist draw in the area is Jonker Street itself, once home to wealthy Chinese merchants. It has a rich Baba-Nyonya heritage, though somewhat touristy with its restaurants, cafes, guesthouses and bazaar-like shops. If you searching for antiques in Melaka, then Jonker Street is certainly the destination with several antiques shops located here. Old cast iron beds, lamps, ceramics, statues, wood carvings and coins are some of the antiques found. It is also the destination for souvenirs ranging from the typical key chains and T-shirts to Chinese wooden clogs. Jonker Street gets livelier at night and on Fridays to Sundays there is a lively night market from 6.00 p.m. to midnight.
Antique shop in Jonker Street, Melaka

Antique shop in Jonker Street

If you intend to feast on local cuisines, then the area is certainly the destination especially along Jonker Street but Heeren Street as well. There are several outlets specializing in Baba-Nyonya cuisines and Melaka's famous chicken rice balls. Popular restaurants include Hoe Kee Chicken Rice at Jonker Street, Restoran Peranakan (Baba-Nyonya dishes) at Heeren Street and Famosa Chicken Rice Ball at Jalan Hang Kasturi. There are also the cafes and Cafe 1511 at Heeren Street serves local specialties such as  'laksa', 'otak-otak' and 'popiah'.  Another popular cafe at Heeren Street is the Coconut House Studio, popular for its wood-fired pizzas.
Restaurant in Jonker Street, Melaka
Restaurant in Jonker Street
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