Melaka, Malaysia




Sultanate Palace
You will find the Sultanate Palace (Melaka Cultural Museum)
located below St. Paul's Hill. The museum is a reconstruction of the wooden palace (built without the use of nails) once occupied by Sultan Mansur Shah, based on the sketches found in the 16th century Malay Annals. The palace provides a glimpse into the era of the Melaka Sultanate (before the arrivals of the Portuguese) including its history and culture. Exhibits include photographs, drawings, weaponry and musical instruments.

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Sultanate Palace Museum, Melaka

Sultanate Palace Museum

Museum of Enduring Beauty
The museum seems out of place in Melaka since it has nothing to do about the history or heritage of Melaka or Malaysia. Nevertheless it is an interesting museum, devoted to the interpretation of beauty
from the early period of human history to the present era by various cultures around the world. The photos and exhibits describe the great lengths taken including pain and agony to achieve beauty such as tattooing, neck stretching, foot binding, lip stretching and head molded into oval shapes.

Baba & Nyonya Peranakan Museum
The Baba Nyonya Peranakan Museum is housed in an old townhouse building on Jalan T
un Cheng Lock (Heeren Street). The Babas and Nyonyas are Chinese of noble descendants whose ancestors arrived centuries ago and adopted many Malay customs. The private museum represents the home of a Baba Nyonya family during the 19th century and offers a glimpse into this rich heritage. Entrance fee is MYR10 per person and everyone has to follow a guide.

History and Ethnography Museums
The History and Ethnography Museums are housed in the Stadthuys (in the Dutch Quarter) at the junction
of Jalan Gereja and Jalan Kota. The History Museum is devoted to Melaka's history from the 15th century to Malaysia's independence in 1957. The Ethnography Museum is devoted to the  various ethnic communities that comprises the people of Melaka including Malays, Chinese, Indians, Peranakans, Portuguese-Eurasians and Chitty communities.

Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum is located at Quayside Road near the mouth of the Melaka River. The museum itself is a replica of the 'Flora de La Mar', the Portuguese ship that sank with its plundered loot off the coast of Melaka in 1511
while on its way to Portugal. The wooden replica is 34 metres high, 36 metres long and 8 metres wide. Exhibits include artifacts, documents and models describing the importance of Melaka in the region from the period of the sultanate in the 15th century to British colonial rule.
Maritime Museum. Melaka

Maritime Museum in Melaka

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