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Kek Lok Si
Kek Lok Si (Temple of Supreme Bliss) is a Buddhist temple situated on a sprawling hillside and reputed to be the largest Buddhist temple in the Southeast Asian region. This is must-see destination for visitors to Penang but avoid coming here on the weekends when the temple gets crowded with worshipers. The temple is located in Air Itam and a taxi ride from Georgetown will cost you MYR20-25. It is cheaper to take the Rapid Penang bus no. 203 from KOMTAR to Air Hitam, which is the last stop.

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Kek Lok Si Temple by Daniel Berthold

The temple comprises of several halls for prayer and assembly and within the halls there are various statues of Buddha and Chinese gods. The halls are brightly painted and with carvings of woodwork. Visitors reach the temple by walking up a flight of stairs and pass by several shops selling souvenirs and prayer items. There is a small funicular train (MYR4) carrying worshipers and visitors up a hill to where the 36.5m high bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) is situated. During the Chinese (Lunar) New Year, the temple is decorated with a multitude of lanterns brightly lighting up the area at night.  

Inside Kek Lok Si Temple by Ken Walker

Snake Temple
Snake Temple was constructed in 1850 and is located in Bayan Lepas, not far from Penang International Airport. The temple was built in memory of a renowned Chinese monk named Chor Soo Kong and made famous for the pit vipers coming from the nearby jungle to live inside the temple, often coiled up on the altar tables. However, their numbers at the temple today have declined tremendously due to urbanization in the surrounding areas. Though venomous, the vipers are harmless due the effects of the burning incense on the snakes. To get here, take the Rapid Penang bus no. 401 or 401A from KOMTAR. 
Snake Temple, Penang

Snake Temple

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