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Traditional Foods

Penang has one of the most diverse food culture in Malaysia and often a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and sometimes Thai and Indonesian influences. Many of the traditional foods that you find in Penang are available in other parts of Malaysia or even Asia and may not have originated in Penang. However, the locals claim that the traditional foods prepared and sold in Penang have been adapted into a unique taste of their own.

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Indian restaurant, Penang

At an Indian Muslim restaurant

Nutmeg Products
Penang is popular for its preserved nutmeg (a fruit) products and sold in small slices, large slices or thin strips (match stick size) in either wet or dry form and often sweeten to reduce the bitter taste.

Traditional Biscuits
Penang is renowned for its Chinese bakery products sought after traditional Chinese biscuits or cookies include Tambun Pneah, Beh Teh Sor, Heong Pneah, Pong Pneah and Tau Sar Pneah.

Popular throughout Malaysia and often served by the local coffee shops, this is a type of jam made from a mixture of eggs, cocount milk and sugar and spread over bread or toast.

Coconut Tart
If you have eaten the popular egg tart found in Asia before then instead of the egg, put in some sweetened grated coconut as filling and you have a fantastic pastry snack, often eaten during afternoon tea.

A unique blended ice drink made from coconut milk, condensed milk and
gula melaka (a type of brown sugar) with big mushy red beans thrown in, a fantastic sweet drink on a hot day.


Ice cool cendol

Locals claim the durian (a fruit) in Penang is unique compared to the rest of Malaysia. Because of the strong pungent smell, you cannot bring durians into the hotel but you often can eat it at the roadside stalls.

Teh Tarik
Literally meaning "pulled tea" and associated with Indian Muslim stalls and restaurants, this is a tea-with-milk drink stretched and poured between two large cups and then served into a cup or drinking glass.

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