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For those who are into gastronomic activities, one can get the taste of Malaysia's hot and spicy local cuisine in Port Dickson. Specialties here include fish cooked in thick gravy of coconut milk and hot chillies to make your mouth and eyes smart. Visitors to Port Dickson can also try the spicy "rendang" (beef cooked with coconut milk and a rich assortment of spices). Many of the better local restaurants are located along the coastal road (Jalan Pantai) and are either Malay or Chinese establishments with a few Indian eateries. Besides the local eateries, there are the international restaurants at the resort hotels as well as fast foo restaurants.
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KFC in Port Dickson

KFC in Port Dickson

Some of the famous local restaurants along Jalan Pantai include Seaview and Curry House. Weng Yin Seafood Village serves a variety of delicious seafood dishes including prawns, crabs and bamboo clams. If you are craving for Western and Mexican foods, head to El Cactus Mexican Fusion Bistro located opposite Corus Paradise Resort. Mexican dishes include nachos, burritos, fajitas and quesadillas. The restaurant also serves pizza, pasta, fish & chips and leg of lamb.

Port Dickson Golf & Country Club
Malay buffet at PD Golf & Country Club

Street food is popular in Port Dickson and food stalls can be found dotted along Jalan Pantai. Another spot are the stalls near the bus terminal offering a variety of local foods including "pisang goreng" (banner fritters), curry puffs (Malaysian version of samosa), "murtabak" (pancake stuffed with eggs and meat), corn-on-the-cob and local cakes. There is a lively open-air market just outside Port Dickson's town centre every Saturday evening, offering a variety of goods including foods.

Street food in Port Dickson
Street food
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