Port Dickson, Malaysia


Port Dickson was once a Malay village known for producing charcoal. During the British colonial era, a small port was established and the village eventually developed into a small town named Port Dickson by the British during the late 19th century. The British considered the area to have great potential as a harbour and intended Port Dickson to supersede a nearby port at Pengkalan Kempas.
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Fishing boats in Port Dickson

Fishing boats in Port Dickson

The area then was often referred as "Tanjung" by the locals, a Malay word meaning "cape". There was a carbon mine along the 1st mile of the coastal road (Jalan Pantai) and therefore the town was also known as "Arang" meaning "charcoal" in Malay. Besides the charcoal produced, tin ore was once plentiful in Lukut (an area within the Port Dickson district), which attracted immigrant miners from China beginning in the 1820s.

Town of Port Dickson
Port Dickson's town centre

Port Dickson eventually devolved into a busy trading centre. Railways were constructed to facilitate the growth and development of the town. Although Port Dickson experienced rapid development, the beautiful beaches were preserved and developed into a colonial beach resort. Today, Port Dickson is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia especially for weekend gateways for those living in the Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur.

Beach resort in Port Dickson
Beach resort in Port Dickson
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