Port Dickson, Malaysia


Cape Rachado
The Portuguese built the Cape Rachado lighthouse in the 16th century to guide ships to the Port of Melaka. The lighthouse is still operational and you can walk up the narrow spiral staircase for a panoramic view of the coast of Sumatra, about 40 km across the Straits. The cape is also the stopover point for migratory birds and from September to March, flocks of sparrows, honey buzzards, swifts, hawks and eagles can be seen.

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Lighthouse at Cape Rachado by Matthew Laird Acred

Walk down the steps next to the lighthouse and follow the jungle trek to a secluded beach. The footprint embedded in a rock, about 50 metres to the right of the track is said to be that of Hang Tuah, a legendary Malay warrior during the 15th century. Legend has it that upon acquiring innate strength and knowledge, Hang Tuah chose to meditate here. The footprint marks the spot where he first landed at Cape Rachado.

Army Museum
Known as "Muzium Tentera Darat" in Malay, the Army Museum is located next to an army camp located about 7 km from the town centre. The museum is one of the major  attractions in Port Dickson with exhibits including military vehicles, light tanks, airplanes, artillery guns and other weaponry once used by the Malaysian armed forces. The museum opens daily from morning to late afternoon and admission is free

Army Museum by Joewings

Fort Lukut
Fort Lukut (also known as Fort Raja Jumaat) is about 7 km from Port Dickson. Raja Jumaat was a 19th century Bugis warrior and the fort was constructed in 1847 to control the area's lucrative tin trade. In the area of the fort are the remains of the foundation of an old palace and a royal burial ground.

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