Comprising of Peninsular Malaysia and the northern third of the island of Borneo, Malaysia is a microcosm of various cultures, religions, cuisines and landscape. The country features historical cities, sandy beaches, scenic highlands and plenty of shopping opportunities. With plenty to see and do in just one country, it is no wonder that Malaysia is one of Asia's most popular travel destinations.

Malaysia travel guide
Guide and information to Malaysia's popular travel destinations including getting in and around, attractions, things to do and eating out.

Country Guide
Malaysia offers a mix of the modern world, rural villages, highlands, rainforest and sunny beaches.
>> Malaysia country guide

Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia's bustling capital and largest city featuring many architectural buildings.
>> Kuala Lumpur guide

An archipelago of 100 islands famed for its sandy beaches and duty-free shopping.
>> Langkawi guide

Malaysia's historic city dating back to the 15th century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
>> Melaka guide

Popular destination in Malaysia including heritage buildings, beaches, highlands and great food.
>> Penang guide

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Malaysia travel articles
Travel articles on Malaysia including destinations, tourism, guide and activities by various authors.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia
by Khal Rasdam

Malaysia Adventure Travel
by Bethany Lamb

12 Things to do in Penang
by Nowal Khan

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Photos of Malaysia

Photos of scenes and destinations in Malaysia by various photographers.

Cameron Highlands
Kuala Lumpur photos
Langkawi photos
Melaka photos

Penang photos

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Malaysia in Brief

329,847 sq km
127,355 sq miles

Comprises of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (on the island of Borneo), separated by the South China Sea.

Population (2011)
29.2 million

Kuala Lumpur

Administrative Capital

Constitutional monarchy with the King as the Head of State and Prime Minister as Head of Government.

Westminster-style parliamentary system comprising of the House of Representatives (elected by popular vote) and Senate (members are appointed).

Ethnic Groups
Malays: 50%
Chinese: 24%
Indigenous: 12%
Indians: 7%
Others: 7%

Malay (official), English (widely used), Chinese (Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Foochow), Indian (Tamil, Punjabi) and various indigenous languages.

Islam: 60%
Buddhist/Taoist: 22%
Christians: 9%
Hindus: 6%

GDP (2011 in PPP)
Total: $453 billion
Per capita: $15,800
Growth: 5.1% (real)

Major Industries
Oil & gas, petrochemicals, palm oil, rubber, tourism, banking, retail, electrical, electronics, machinery and furniture.

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